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Readers Pledge

Readers pledge – reference library

1. I keep silence in side the library
2. I avoid taking food inside the library
3. I avoid from dumping wastes inside the library
4. I learn to use the library well
5. I well use books of the library carefully
6. I will gain knowledge about the organization of the books in the library
7. I will Endeavour to get the maximum use of the time
8. I will obtain advice on how to use the library from the library staff
9. I will visit the library every day with the membership card to use the library
10. I will kindly fallow the advice of the library staff
11. I will avoid taking my own books in to the library
12. I will avoid taking outside the books of reference division
13. I will ovoid using mobile phones inside the library
14. I will attempt to learn the information skills of the library
15. I will attempt to realized the value of reading books and to experience the mental relaxation of reading
16. I will contribute to library development by all means
17. I will act transparently when using library
18. I will maintain the discipline within the library
19. I will behave responsibly as a member
20. I will not behave in a manner in a way to damage books

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